We would like to partner with organisations / businesses / churches that can send short term teams to work with children in need. Such an experience will have a profound impact on your team, exposing them to poverty and the reality of life in Africa. They will appreciate their own lives so much more thereafter. Teams can come any time during the year. Please contact us to check whether the time that you are planning to come will overlap with another visiting team.


  • Short-term (2 – 4 weeks)
  •  Age: 16 +

General Information


You will stay at the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base in Brakwater (just outside Windhoek).


Namibia is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa. We do advise you to follow normal safety precautions which any visitor to any foreign country needs to take.


Transport is available to and from the airport or the city on request and at a fee of 300 Namibian dollars. Transport is arranged on a daily basis from the YWAM base to the Beautiful Kidz centre.


You will have to provide and prepare your own food, though Beautiful Kidz provides a lunch on week days. Kitchen facilities are available at the YWAM base and shopping can be done in the city.


The following amounts are per person per day:

N$ 80     when staying for three months or more
N$ 90     when staying for at least two months
N$ 100   when staying for at least one month
N$ 120   when staying less than one month

This amount excludes personal expenses and food (except for a lunch provided on week days at the centre).

Please confirm these prices with us before you leave home.


You will need a work visa should you volunteer work at Beautiful Kidz. We will apply for a work visa on your behalf and the costs of the visa can be paid back to us once you have arrived in Namibia. 

The costs for your visa are as follows:

Admin:                                            N$  50
Handling fees (Home Affairs):    N$  80
Approved visa (Home Affairs):   N$ 390

Total:                                              N$ 520

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Call Us

  • Telephone: +264 61 234 465
  • Email: office@beautifulkidz.org


Beautiful Kidz strongly advises each volunteer receives the following before coming to Namibia:

- Injected or oral polio vaccine

- Tetanus toxoid injection if last injection was 5 years ago

- Hepatitis A vaccine x 3 injections

- Hepatitis B vaccine x 3 injections

You will not need malaria prophylaxis during your time at Beautiful Kidz Namibia.

You would be helping with the everyday running of the Beautiful Kidz centre, from playing with the children, to helping to cook the meals for the children and cleaning. You would also help with the Youth programmes, including homework classes, Kids Club and Youth Club.

Most weekends you are free to go into town and church. You will also be given a week where you will be able to travel around Namibia or to South Africa.

You will stay at the YWAM base, which is 15km from the Beautiful Kidz centre and town. You will have access to a washing machine.

No, you will be able to buy everything in the shops, including converters for your hairdryer or mobile phone.

There are no Internet facilities at the YWAM base, but it is possible to gain internet access via the local mobile phone service providers by using 3G or EDGE devices. There are also Internet cafes in town and you can go there on Saturdays.

Namibia uses a 220 Volt alternating current. Wall sockets and plugs are mostly three prong (large, round prongs), the same as what is used in South Africa. We suggest that you buy plug / socket adaptors in Windhoek if needed, as most "travel" sets do not include this size.

We ask that you do not bring gifts, but if you would like to give something rather bring the money and then fulfill a need that you see here.

You will be expected to attend two meetings per week in the evenings where staff and volunteers come together to fellowship and to worship.