Pre-primary education and Daycare (3-6 years)

The pre-school is the foundation of all the programmes we offer. Children need foundational pre-primary education to be able to cope in primary school. Unfortunately, there are not enough pre-schools to accommodate all the children in the townships. Also, many government schools are not able to offer good, quality education.

Beautiful Kidz runs 2 daycare centres in which 180 orphans and vulnerable children receive quality education in a safe and loving environment. Our care includes receiving two healthy meals, lots of love and structured playtime. By providing a solid preparation for primary school, the chance for these children to pass and do well in primary and high school is much higher.

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Afternoon classes (7-15 years)

Many children struggle to do well in the regular government schools, as the quality of education is low because of a lack of classrooms, teachers and educational materials. Those learners who need personal help or attention do not receive it because they often share a classroom with another 40 or more learners. As a result, many children drop out of school at an early age. These children have hardly any chance of finding a job later in life and they often join the gangs of street children.

To prevent this, Beautiful Kidz provides afternoon classes for children from grades 1-7. The children receive extra English and Mathematic classes’, they can make use of the library and are able to do their homework. We also offer free computer classes to all these learners.

Every Monday to Thursday, over 60 children gather at our centre for these classes. The children are divided in 5 classrooms, according to their level of English and Mathematics.. Each classroom has a teacher and an assistant to help the children with their homework and to teach them extra lessons.

Kids and Youth clubs
(7-18 years)

Quality education is central to all the work that we do, but it is not the only thing needed. Character building and learning how to make right choices are just as important.

The circumstances in which our youth grow up are not easy. What they mostly see around them is violence, substance abuse, teenage pregnancies, hunger and sadness. The temptation to just join this negative cycle is very strong. We hope to offer an alternative and to show our youth that there is a different life out there for them. We aim to teach the youth to take responsibility and to give them practical guidelines on how to do things differently.

Every Thursday and Friday afternoon, over 250 children come together for a fun time to play games, to worship and to learn life lessons based on Biblical principles.

We divide the kids and youth in different programs based on their age. The teachings are also adjusted to their age. Next to the Kids Club and the Youth club we also have the following programs; Boys Club, Girls Club, Dignity Campaign, Youth-leaders Training and Discipleship Class.

Sports, Dance and Choir

We also encourage our children to take part in programmes like sports, acting, singing, dancing, art etc. It’s a great way to build healthy friendships and to explore one’s gifts and talents. While having fun during the activities, these groups also provide a great opportunity for our staff to build closer relationships with our youth.

Beautiful Kidz has a choir, a dance group, 2 soccer teams (boys and girls) and a cycling team. Next to this we provide music lessons like guitar and piano and we have a program called Artsplash. Within all these programmes, we again focus on character building and making right choices. We use the opportunity to give advice when needed and to speak positively into the lives of our youth.

Holiday programmes

Youth Camps

Three times a year, Beautiful Kidz offers holiday camps for the youth we work with. The aim of these camps is to give our youth a time away from their difficult circumstances at home. It is a time to have fun, but also a time for restoration, healing and encouragement. Around 180 children take part in these camps every school holiday.

During the camps, many constructive games are played and the children also receive important life lessons and messages from the Bible. We motivate our youth to take responsibility for their own lives and we speak a lot about making right choices that are beneficial for their future. We have seen that the most long-lasting restoration and change in individual’s lives, occurs during these camps.

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Community Outreach

When one wants to really help a child, it is very important to also try to positively influence the situation at a child’s home. This is why our community outreach programmes are an important pillar of what we do.

Every week our staff goes out into the neighborhood to visit the houses of the children we already take care of. The team provides practical and mental support when and where they can. At our centre in Ovitoto, this help is especially needed as the poverty there is beyond what one can imagine. Many times we have been able to assist in saving the lives of babies and small children, who would otherwise have died of hunger and sickness.

The community team is also always on the look out for new children who could possibly attend and benefit from one of our daycare centres. Many children do not have parents who would apply for a place, so this is how we find the neediest among them.

Community Training

Beautiful Homes

We are running a project called Beautiful Homes. The aim of this project is to help parents/caretakers to take better care of their children. In a 2-year program we work with 50 families in total (in Katutura and Ovitoto). Topics that are part of the program are their living situation (physical), health, hygiene, nutrition, parenting, family planning, Biblical values, character-building, community and finances. We walk hand in hand with the 50 families through parenting-support groups, workshops and counseling. During the 2-year program we will also give the families the right tools to impact their environment in a positive way.

Young and Pregnant

During the year, Beautiful Kidz offers classes to young, pregnant girls. They learn about pregnancy, how to take care of their babies and the value of their and their babies’ lives. At the same time, the classes function as a social support group, whereby the girls can learn from one another, share their stories and receive the support they generally do not receive at home.

Teacher Training

To help young and unemployed people, Beautiful Kidz developed a three month training programme in which we give these young people a practical training focused on Early Childhood Education. Our students learn about Child Development, Finances, Art, Counselling and many more topics.

This training is a great support to those who have had no opportunity to find a job or further their education. It has been a blessing to see young people finding hope and a future again, just by giving them a chance and offering a bridge back to the workplace.

The Anusa Needlework Project

Several years ago, the Anusa Needlework Project was started with the aim of helping some of the parents of the children we care for, by providing jobs for them. The vision of Anusa is to uplift the community by establishing a self-sustaining needlework business which creates jobs and offers quality products to the community.

Presently, twelve ladies and one man are working full time at Anusa and they make beautiful school uniforms which are sold to the community. These formerly unemployed adults now have a source of income so they can provide for their families instead of being dependent on others.