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A Ministry to Children in Need

Beautiful Kidz Namibia is a Ministry to Children in need and was established in 2003 by Brian and Pam Kinghorn. Beautiful Kidz is a welfare organisation (registered number: WO 203), affiliated with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

Our community based Centres are located in the community of Katatura in Windhoek, Namibia and on the Ovitoto communal farmland, near Okahandja, Namibia. Our focus is education, training, youth programs, computer skills and a needlework project.

Statement Of Inspiration

Beautiful Kidz Namibia is an international, interdenominational Christian organisation, providing care and support to needy children and their families.

The ministry provides emotional, spiritual, physical and educational care to children in need and their families.

Beautiful Kidz Namibia supports families and communities through giving practical assistance, theoretical training and discipleship.

History of Beautiful Kidz

During the year 2002, Brian and Pam Kinghorn became very aware of the toll that HIV/AIDS was having on the population of Namibia. At the same time, the media was reporting on the many orphans that were left behind after their parent/s had died. Grannies were becoming burdened with all the orphans who were passed on to them. The Kinghorns were especially touched by the fact that there were many child-headed homes, which had no means of income.

In the light of the above facts, the Kinghorns realised that the country was facing a ticking time bomb. If the church and other organisations were not going to commit themselves to prevent this bomb exploding, it would have a devastating effect on the population, as well as the economy of Namibia. It was then that God challenged them to commit themselves to fight the battle and to make a positive contribution to the people of Namibia. Pam attended an HIV/AIDS course as well as a trainer of trainer’s course. Then both she and Brian did a psycho-social course for vulnerable children. This helped them to get firsthand insight into the challenges which orphans were facing on a daily basis. They also did a lot of research and went to different areas in Katutura to assess the needs. Pam offered a teacher training course to a handful of potential preschool teachers in order to start a preschool the following year.

In January 2003, they were searching and praying for a facility for a day care centre and found a dilapidated building with a lot of potential. The building had been used as a shebeen (bar) for many years and the present owner had closed it down three years previously. After negotiating with the owner, it was agreed that a part of the building could be used for free, for a period of three years. After the three years had passed, further negotiations allowed Beautiful Kidz to buy the whole property for one million Namibian dollars.

God miraculously provided the money to purchase the building through a Christian TV Station called E O Metterdaad, in Holland. Not only did this organisation raise the funds to buy the building, but they also raised another N$1.5 million to renovate the entire building. The staff, children and the community became so aware of God’s commitment to the orphans and vulnerable children.

In July 2003, the doors of Beautiful Kidz (Katutura) were opened for 34 very vulnerable preschool children. Out of the 34 children, 22 had TB in the fourth stage. Some of the children were so malnourished that they could not keep their food down and we had to get medical help to save their lives. At that stage, there were three staff members and no kitchen furniture or utensils. They used private utensils from their homes until various needed items could be bought. With the assurance that they were doing what God wanted them to do, they stepped out in faith, believing that He would provide for the needs of the children and some of their families.

In 2014, Beautiful Kidz was asked to take over an existing preschool in Ovitoto (located in a rural area approximately 100km north of Windhoek). This first expansion of Beautiful Kidz work, outside of Windhoek, has grown dramatically with new buildings being completed in 2015 and an ever-increasing work in the community.

Since 2003, the work of Beautiful Kidz has developed from a preschool to now include homework classes, computer classes, library, youth clubs, holiday camps, holiday schools, sports programs, teacher training, a needlework project (Anusa), food distribution, community outreach and courses for pregnant and young mothers. Many overseas teams and volunteers have worked at Beautiful Kidz alongside a dedicated Namibian staff. After 13 years, we can only testify of God’s consistent provision, care and love for the children. Beautiful Kidz is also grateful to all the donors, both local and international, who have partnered with us in making a difference in Namibia.