Traveling to Windhoek

Own transport by road:

The YWAM base is about 15 km north of Windhoek city. Should you plan to arrive by road, please contact us if you need detailed road instructions.
(Note: road tax is payable at the border on all non-Namibian registered vehicles.)

By bus from South Africa:

Regular luxury bus services are available from Cape Town and Johannesburg to Windhoek. InterCape allows internet bookings via their website.If you plan to arrive by bus, we can arrange for you to be picked up from the bus stop in the city at a fee of 150 Namibian Dollars per trip.

By Air:

All flights to Windhoek from outside of Namibia will arrive at Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport.

The airport is about 42 km to the west of the city and about 60 km from the YWAM base.
Should you arrive by flight, we can arrange to pick you up at the airport at a fee of 250 Namibian Dollars per trip.

By Taxi:

If you want to travel within Windhoek it is possible to take taxi's at the fee of 10 Namibian Dollar per trip.

Things to Know

Do I need injections?

Beautiful Kidz Ministry strongly advises each volunteer to ensure that the following immunizations are received before coming to Beautiful Kidz Namibia.
- Injectable or oral Polio vaccine.
- Tetanus toxoid injection if latest injection was 5 years ago.
- Hepatitis A vaccine x 3 injections.
- Hepatitis B vaccine x 3 injections.
You will not need malaria prophylaxis during your time at Beautiful Kidz Namibia.

What would my daily responsiblities be?

You would be helping with the everyday running of the Beautiful Kidz centre, from helping to cook the meals for the children to cleaning and helping with their play times. You would also help with the Youth programs including, homework classes and Youth Clubs and Youth evenings during the week.

Would I get any time off?

Most weekends you are free to go into town and church. You will also be given a week where you will be able to travel around the country or go to South Africa.

Where would I be staying?

You will be living on the YWAM base which is 15km from the Beautiful Kidz centre and town. No private arrangements will be accepted. The premises are protected with an alarm system. You will have access to kitchen facilities and a washing machine.

Do I need to bring all my toiletries?

No, you will be able to buy everything in the shops including converters for your hairdryer or mobile phone.

Will there be access to the internet?

There are no internet facilities at the YWAM base, but it is possible to gain internet access via the local mobile phone service providers by using 3G and EDGE devices. There are also internet cafes in town where you can go on Saturdays.

Will I be able to use my electrical devices?

Namibia uses 220 Volt alternating current. Wall sockets and plugs are mostly three pegged - large, round pegs. Plug/socket adaptors can be bought in Windhoek.

Can I bring gifts for the children?

We ask that you do not bring gifts but if you would like to give something rather bring the money and then fulfill a need that you see here.

Are my evenings free?

You will be expected to attend one meeting per week in the evening. This is where staff and volunteer workers come together for spiritual input.

How much will a visa cost and do I need one for three months?

A visa will cost money and you will pay this back to us once you have arrived. Yes you will need a visa for the three months that you will be volunteering here at Beautiful Kidz, the reason is the government sees this volunteering as work, so in order for you not to be deported we will apply for your work visa for three months.

Can I do my Internship at Beautiful Kidz Namibia?

We unfortunately do not accept volunteers who want to complete their internship for their studies here at Beautiful Kidz Namibia.