Volunteers Tell Their Story

"My time here...

With a heart for the poor and desire to do the will of God, I came to Beautiful Kidz with an open mind and little expectations other than desiring to serve Jesus. Prior to arriving in Namibia, I considered my role as a volunteer at Beautiful Kidz and the opportunities for service that God would provide while I was there for three months; I never expected however, to be blessed above all others through my experience.

During my entire stay in Namibia, God revealed his compassion and overall wonder in several ways, helping me to develop a more deeply-rooted relationship with Him. The joy and playfulness of the Beautiful Kidz preschoolers and youth, the love and reception of the Katutura community, the accountability and family-oriented structure of YWAM, the beauty of Africa and the countless opportunities to pursue and serve Jesus throughout each day are just a few glimpses of how God is providing for volunteers at Beautiful Kidz.

In fact, I believe that my time in Africa has and will continue to extend further than my mere three month stay at Beautiful Kidz; I was impacted in such a deep and meaningful way that my perspective and lifestyle will be forever changed because of the work God developed in me during that time."