General Volunteer Information


Staying on the YWAM BASE:


Namibia is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa.

Smaller population/greater impact

Namibia has only 2 million people and the possibility to impact the Nation is great.


Transport is available between the YWAM Base and the airport; on request and at a fee of 200 Namibian dollars.
Transport is arranged from the YWAM Base to the Beautiful Kidz centre.


You will have to provide and prepare your own food though Beautiful Kidz provides a light lunch throughout the week. Kitchen facilities are available and shopping can be done in the city.

Cost / budgeting

The following amounts are per person per day:
N$ 80 when staying three months or more
N$ 90 when staying two months
N$ 100 when staying one month
N$ 120 when staying less then one month

This amount excludes food and personal expenses (except for a light lunch provided at the Centre).

Please confirm these prices with us before you leave home.


How much will a visa cost and do I need one for three months?:

A visa will cost money and you will pay this back to us once you have arrived. Yes you will need a visa for the three months that you will be volunteering here at Beautiful Kidz, the reason is the government sees this volunteering as work, so in order for you not to be deported we will apply for your work visa for three months. The payment for your visa is as follow:

Admin: N$ 50
Handling fees (H. affairs): N$ 80
Approved visa (H. affairs): N$ 390
Total:: N$520