Things you need to know

Do I need injections?

Beautiful Kidz Ministry strongly advises each volunteer to ensure that the following immunizations are received before coming to Beautiful Kidz Namibia.
- Injectable or oral Polio vaccine.
- Tetanus toxoid injection if latest injection was 5 years ago.
- Hepatitis A vaccine x 3 injections.
- Hepatitis B vaccine x 3 injections.
You will not need malaria prophylaxis during your time at Beautiful Kidz Namibia.

Is Beautiful Kidz the same organisation as Beautiful Gate?

Until today you will hear people being confused about the difference between Beautiful Kidz and Beautiful Gate. Beautiful Kidz Namibia was part of Beautiful Gate Ministries International from 2003 till November 2007. This ministry to children in need was established in 1994 by a Dutch couple, Toby & Aukje Brouwer. They experienced God's heart for children in need and made it their mission to establish an organisation that focused on improving the quality of life of children in need and their families; and show the love of Jesus Christ through practical assistance. The Brouwers and many other Beautiful Gate staff members were part of Youth With A Mission, but decided to move away from Ywam in November 2007. Beautiful Kidz is no longer part of Beautiful Gate but falls under YWAM ministries. However we continue to have a good relationship with Beautiful Gate.

What would my daily responsiblities be?

You would be helping with the everday running of the Beautiful Kidz centre, from helping cook the meals for the children to cleaning and helping with their play times. You would also help with the Youth programs including, home work classes and Youth Clubs and Youth evenings during the week.

Would I get any time off?

Most weekends you are free to go into town and church. You will also be given a week where you will be able to travel around the country or to South Africa.

Where will I stay?

You will live on the YWAM base which is 15km from the Beautiful Kidz centre and town. No private arrangements will be accepted.
You will have access to a washing machine.

Do I need to bring all my toiletries?

No, you will be able to buy everything in the shops including converters for your hairdryer or mobile phone.

Will there be access to the internet?

There is no internet facilities at the YWAM base, but it is possible to gain internet access via the local mobile phone service providers by using 3G or EDGE devices.
There are also Internet cafes in town where you can go on Saturdays.

Will I be able to use my electrical devices?

Namibia uses 220 Volt alternating current. Wall sockets and plugs are mostly three pegged - large, round pegs - the same as what is used in South Africa. We suggest that you buy plug / socket adaptors in Windhoek if needed, as most "travel" sets do not include this size.

Can I bring gifts for the children?

We ask that you do not bring gifts, but if you would like to give something rather bring the money and then fulfill a need that you see here.

Are my evenings free?

You will be expected to attend one meeting per week in the evenings where staff and volunteer workers come together for spiritual input.

Do I need a visa?

All teams that come to Namibia need to have visa's and we will apply for the visa's for your team here. We will also need a copy of the page from your passport with your picture and information on to hand in with the application. We will need this from each team member. Please download the forms and either email them back or fax them. Every team member will need to fill in the whole first page as well as the top section (Section A) on the second page and then sign and date the bottom.