Youth: Changing Destinies

In a community where drugs and alcohol flow freely, we have an opportunity to impact around 250 young people every week.

Here's what happens:


Discipleship Class

A selected group of about 20 youth attend the Discipleship Class. Their ages range from 13-18 years. The class includes Bible Studies, Prayer and discussion in small groups.
The class also reaches out into their own community through practical and spiritual activities.


Youth Club (13-18 Years)

Around 50 young people get together for times of worship, a message, dramas and small group discussions. On occasion our youth leaders or visiting teams run the program.


Kid's Club

Around 200 children are divided into different age groups for games, worship, Bible stories and life lessons.


Dance Team

Around 15 boys and girls come together to learn and create new dances that honour God. They perform at youth clubs, churches and on outreaches.

Social Eve

Around 50 youth come on certain Saturday evenings to socialise in a fun and healthy way. At the same time they are taken off the dangerous streets where there is a lot of drinking and drugs happening.

Soccer Team

Around 30 young boys between the age of 13-20 come for soccer training. The purpose of the Soccer Team is to create practical discipleship opportunities.