Pre-School: The Little Ones

If you visit the Beautiful Kidz Centre, you are likely to find a group of precious little people, either noisily enjoying the playground or seriously learning about the world around them,.

At Beautiful Kidz, we provide a Day Care Center with a safe environment for AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. Their care during the day includes receiving two good meals and a quality pre-school education.

Parents and caregivers from the community submit forms for their children to attend the pre-school. Volunteers from the Center visit each applicants house to identify the families most in need. The parents/caregivers are called in for an interview and after another house visit, the final selection for the following year's intake is made.

The pre-school classes are divided according to age groups. We are four classes and five full time teachers, catering to about 80 children.

Daily Program (Monday to Friday)

07:30 Children Arrrive
08:00 Breakfast
08:15 Worship and Bible Story
08:45 Learning Activities
10:15 Snack, Teeth brushing, Play Time
11:15 Learning Activities
12:45 Lunch Time
13:00 Nap Time
14:00 Structured Play
15:00 Snack Time and Free Play
15:30 Home Time

Part of their learning includes computer classes for the oldest age groups, which take place twice a week in our computer lab.

These little ones become agents of change as their growth and development are a testimony in their community. It is a privilege to hear parents and caregivers express gratefulness for what their children receive.