More Programs

Young and Pregnant

Multiple times a year we offer classes to pregnant teenage girls. They learn about pregnancy, how to take care of their baby and the value of their lives and the lives of their babies. At the same time the classes function as a social-support group, whereby the girls can learn from one another and share their stories.

Worship Band

Thanks to a generous donation we were able to buy a complete band set. Multiple times a week our band practices songs for the worship during youth club.

Computer Training

A gift that keeps giving. Thanks to a generous contribution of computers, we are able to provide computer training to everyone from the pre-schoolers, to the children from the community, to the youth that comes to home work classes, to the young mothers. For some of us, computers are part of life, for many it is still a rare opportunity.

Homework Class

The property that God provided, allows us to provide a place where young people from the community can study and do school assignments. Many houses make study near impossible, with lack of space, quietness and lack of proper lighting being three common contributors. Beautiful Kidz staff members oversee the home work classes and provide help where they can.

Afternoon Program

For those that don’t have homework or are done with their homework we provide afternoon classes. Around 100 children from grade 1-7 get extra lessons in different subjects. They also do reading and creativity.

Home Visits

Some of the Beautiful Kidz staff members do home visits throughout the year to check on the house situation of the pre-school children. We provide help where we can.

Caregivers/ Child Care Training

Broken and abusive family life is a sad reality in our community. We offer caregivers /child care training, aimed at helping young mothers. We seek to provide them with a godly, Biblical alternative to raise their children. Topics that are covered include: how children development, caring for your child, how to discipline children in a godly way, child abuse, hygiene and first aid.