Ovitoto is a communal farmland of 60,000 hectares. Most of the people living in Ovitoto are farmers trying to make a living out of farming. There are 19 villages within Ovitoto. Some of these villages are far apart and not easily assessable. Many of the people are very poor and do not have the means to properly provide for their children.

Previously, Sanne Minke Tjitsema started Otjiruize Children’s Fund in 2008. Together with friends, family and faithful staff, they started with a day care facility for 20 children, after school care and a sponsor a child program. Unfortunately Sanne had to go back to the Netherlands and the Otjiruize Board asked Beautiful Kidz to consider to take the work over. After careful consideration, the Board of Beautiful Kidz agreed to take over the work and to appoint Sarah Fortuin to be the project leader. The name of Otjiruize Children’s Fund then changed to Beautiful Kidz Ovitoto.

Today, there 80 preschool children at the Early Childhood Centre. Sarah and her staff are involved with many different programs at the Centre as well as in the community in and around Okandjira.